Always one for leaving things until last minute, I'm went to a wedding at 3pm today, and at 2pm I was taking photos of different outfit options to help myself decide what to wear!
(Yes I take style tips from Cher from Clueless... she's an icon!)

I had a few options, so I did my hair and makeup, then set about trying on the outfits.

I had a bit of a problem with it being an August wedding and the weather today not really reflecting that... it was dull, windy and there was a bit of rain.
Flip flops and fake tan were out of the question!

Outfit 1
Top: New Look
Skirt: Topshop
I love this outfit, and I think the top is super cute. However, I decided against it because I thought black and white was a little too formal looking for a wedding. 

Outfit 2
Top: New Look
Maxi Skirt: Primark
Necklace: New Look
This was the outfit I had in my head when I was picturing a proper Summer wedding. After the rain this morning, I knew a maxi would have been a daft decision. I can't wait for a nice day to actually wear this though! The skirt was such a bargain, only £12 from Primark, and I saw a practically identical one in Topshop for £32!

Outfit 3
Dress: New Look
This is probably the most typical 'wedding' outfit of the things I tried on. I love the colours, and florals are always a winner with me, but I wanted something a little different for today. Also, with this being in the current New Look sale, I was a bit scared of turing up wearing the same outfit as someone else!

So, these were the outfits which didn't make the grade... I'll show you what I actually wore in tomorrows post.