It's that time of year again... the final of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (tomorrow night 9pm Sky Living.)

So, who are you backing to win the show? (If you don't want to know who the finalists are, please don't read any further!!)
 Juste or Jade?

Personally I really want Jade to win, she has been my favourite from the start, and honestly, my favourite's never win (on this, on Big Brother, on XFactor... anything!) so if Jade wins I am going to be over the moon!

Her photos have been my favourite's almost every week, and I think she's a perfect role model because she's a little bit different, not your regular size zero, flat chested model - she has a figure, and a really unique look.

Juste is also beautiful, but I think she has the typical model look... which might be what they're looking for, but fingers crossed not!

You can read my interview with last year's contestant Olivia Stevens here.