Sorry for the super boring outfit shots tonight, but I really wanted to show you my new favourite jumper! I bought it yesterday from New Look, and it's just gorgeous. The wool is full of colours; pinks, browns, greys, blues, black and white, and it's so soft! I adore it!

Not the most imaginative way of styling it either (I do apologise!) I was just going for the 'thrown on' look today, but I think it will look amazing pulled in with a belt, and dressed up with a big necklace or something. 
I'm pretty certain it will be featuring on here again... I want to wear it everyday. That's one of the things I love about AW season, being able to snuggle up in big comfy knits mmmmm!

Got a bit of a beauty themed post planned for tomorrow, so I will speak to you then... I'm off to watch Big Brother (C'mon Kerry!) and Hollyoaks x