A few weeks ago, the dreaded moment happened when I ran out of Mac MSF, a product which I use every day and totally rely on.
I'm not one for ordering online, I'm a bit too impatient for that, and my closest Mac counter is in Newcastle, so off I went up to the Metro Center, only to find that they had sold out of my shade (Light/Medium). I've used Light, and I've used Medium before, and they're not right on my skin, so didn't want to settle for one of those, so came away empty handed and gutted!

I was going out that night too, so I needed something!
I decided to go to Boots and pick up a cheap powder just to see me through, and order a new MSF online that night.
I had a good look through all the brands, but was drawn to Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder, mainly because it says it's made with 'natural minerals'. When I swatched it, it felt really smooth, quite similar to the MSF, and only cost £3.99, so thought it was worth a shot!

Little did I know, I was buying a product I was going to LOVE!
It works exactly the same as Mac MSF, it sets my foundtion perfectly, covers redness and lasts all day. I would also go as far as saying it leaves my skin looking just as flawless as the MSF does.

I am definitely going to continue buying this... it's just as good, and SO much cheaper!
If you've been put off buying Mac because of the price, this is the perfect alternative.