I had planned on posting an outfit on here tonight. I've worn a couple of new things today which I wanted to show you, but thanks to the rain soaking me on the way to the car after work, everything got taken straight off and put in the wash. So instead, I thought I would show you some little bits I bought in Boots & Superdrug over the past couple of weeks. (Sorry for the overload of beauty related posts lately!)

I'd been on the hunt for the new XXL Batiste dry shampoo for while, and finally managed to track it down. For some reason it seemed to take a while to arrive in the shops up here, but it was definitely worth the wait. I rely on Batiste so much, and use it at least on a weekly basis. With this, it gives massive volume, and definitely makes my hair appear clean and fresh again, I just hope they bring out a brunette version, because the spray is a little bit white for my hair.

I bought the Avon Matte polish in Violetta after seeing it on Fleur's blog, another purple polish to add to my collection, I know I don't need any more, but I love it!

I had a few of the Boots No7 vouchers to spend, and I always make myself use them. I bought two nail varnishes 'Stand Back' and 'So Simple'. Amazing quality as always with these! Then I decided to get a Stay Perfect lipstick for a change. I've never tried No7 lipsticks before, and I am really impressed with this one which is called 'Showy'. The colour is gorgeous and buildable, and it's really glossy and moisturising... I can definitely see myself buying more of these!
I'm sure you've all heard about BB Creams, to some they're the next big thing and to some they're just a glorified tinted moisturiser. Either way, I was intrigued.
I've only tried this once, so I'm not going to comment on what I think of it just yet... but I will let you know.

Finally I bought some Sure deodorant... nothing special, but a definite staple!
(Fashion post tomorrow... I promise!)