I'm sure most of you are big fans of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model series?! I know I am!
Leading up to the finale of the current series, I was lucky enough to speak to my favourite model from last year; Olivia!
I was backing Olivia from the start, but you may remember she was voted out of the competition by the judges when she failed to jump from a crane during a photo shoot due to her fear of heights...
Hi Olivia, thank you so much for agreeing to talk to me for my blog!
Ahh its a pleasure babe! Thanks for asking me to feature :p

So, first up, have you been watching this years BINTM?
Ummm honestly? nooo! *hides face* No girls from previous seasons tend to watch the newer series.

Have there been any shoots this series that you wish you could have taken part in?
I've seen on an advert that they met Miss J... although its more of a challenge, I would have loved to meet him!

What's been the best thing to happen to you since being on the show?
The best thing is when girls come to me for advice about being a model and how to boost their confidence etc... A bit cheesy I know, but that really makes me smile that someone sees me as their inspiration.

Would you change anything if you could go back and do it allover again?
Yeah, I would have jumped! Or if not, I would have got Alisha to push me off lol!

What are the judges really like?!
Well we weren't able to interact with them as much and as often as it seemed when watching it at home... We never really got to speak to them, it was more them talking to us at the eliminations.

Who is the most famous person you've met since being on BNTM?
In my books Elle Macpherson.... shes amazing!
Now, seeing as though this is a fashion/beauty blog, I better ask some related questions!..
What is your favourite high street shop?
River Island... I just cant get enough of that place!

and your favourite cosmetics brand?
I'm a Mac girl.

What were the last fashion or beauty item you bought?
I love me some Simple... last items i bought was Simple toner, cleanser, face mask and exfoliator.

Are there any must have beauty products you wuould reccomend to my readers?
Barry M Nail Effects varnish... it's so cool, it adds a zebra print style to your nail varnish colour... and comes in loads of colours.

And what are you currently lusting over?
Timberland ladies full length black welly boots... they are hot!

What is the most extravagant fashion purchase you've ever made?
A pair of pretty Jimmy Choo's.

What are your must have items for the coming Autumn/Winter season?
Body warmer puffer,  them Timberland wellies that I adore and a nice fresh pair of skinnies (love me some casuals).

And finally, what are you wearing right now?
Ahhh a satin chinese dressing gown with peacocks on... lol!

Thanks again for speaking with me, bye!
You're welcome babes... Take care :)
 You can follow Olivia on Twitter @oliviyah