Went a bit crazy in the Topshop fitting rooms yesterday!
This dress was the first thing I picked up when I walked into the shop. I'm going out with my friends on Saturday night, and I thought this would be perfect. I loved it on, just as much as I loved it on the hanger, and ended up buying this one.
For my night out I plan on wearing it with a black belt and some black shoe boots which I just bought, and then I know I'll get more wear out of it by dressing it down with chunky cardis for winter.
A while back Topshop had some really similar tops to this in a beige and white and green and white stripe patterns, and I always regretted not getting one, which is kind of what drew my to this. I love monochrome outfits at the moment (plus I love black and white striped... Newcastle United fan!)
I think it looks quite smart on, and could be styled in lots of different ways, so I bought this too!
 This dress was another option for my night out, I think the colour is amazing. The fabric is really thick and structured, and just look at those perfect pleats on the skirt... how cute!
Unfortunately, I thought the dress looked too formal for a night out, so I reluctantly put it back. I would definitely wear this for an interview though, so if anyone's looking for interview clothes - try this, they come in lots of different colours too.
Another casual top in black and white, drawn to this one because of the birds. I was undecided on this one, mainly because of the sleeves. I don't really like unfitted cap sleeves, I think they're quite unflattering on me. Although I probably would be wearing this with cardigans more often than not, I decided against getting it, simply because I liked the stripey top better.
These are the leggings I tried on with both black and white tops. I love them! They're regular leggings fabric down the middle, and both sides are made of leather look material. I'm not sure if you can see in the photos with them being taken on my phone, but when you're wearing them, it looks like you have two leather stripes going down the side of your legs. They're very tight fitting though, from top to bottom, I probably would have had to go up a size if I had bought these. I wanted them, but we actually have a very similar pair in Internacionale at the moment, for a lot cheaper, so I think I'm just going to buy those!
I saw this online, so I purposely searched for it instore... isn't it lovely?! This is the perfect AW dress to dress up or down. I can picture it now with cardigans, jumpers, thick tights, scarves etc. Of course I had to buy this one too!
This dress from Rare was my least favourite of the things I tried on, which I was gutted about because I LOVED it when I picked it up. It would probably be nicer on someone else, but for me it was just a really bad fit... too big under the arms and tight across the chest. I really like the buckle straps, the zip up front and the structured skirt, it looks a lot more expensive than it is.
 Lastly I tried on this little beauty from the Love concession. I saw Emma wearing a dress made of the same fabric a while ago and loved it, so when I saw this I grabbed it straight away. I love the colours and the feather pattern so much. I was a little unsure of the cut out sides, and thanks to not having washboard abs, I think I'd wear it with a lace bodysuit underneath if I do end up going back to buy it... which I think I will! I haven't stopped thinking about it since I put it back!
All of these clothes are available on the Topshop website.

So what do you think... did I make the right descisions?