I re-ombred my hair today... I used a different dye, and a slightly different technique to do it. I kind of expected it to be even blonder than it is, but I still love it! (sneak peek in this photo but I'll do a full post about it soon)

I've been out to see some friends tonight, and for a good old Nandos (I swear I eat other food!!) Spicy rice mmmm!! Feeling majorly bloated now... wearing leather shorts was probably a mistake!

I won't be 'proper' blogging until Friday or Saturday because I haven't got my camera - but I'll try think of something to post during the week.
I have a bit of a Primark and Topshop haul to show you, but it will probably have to wait, I hate posting iphone photos.

I have reduced everything in my blog shop, so go and have a look to see if there's any bargains that take your fancy! I'm selling clothes, makeup and books at the moment, but I'll be adding more once I have my camera back. There is a link to my 'shop' at the top of this page, just under my header.