I know this should be my Monday Mugshot post, but I'm in no state to take a photo!
I've had a lovely lazy day with my little girl. We've watched tv, eaten lots and had a massive sleep in the middle of the day... so no makeup for me, and sorry, but I'm not showing you my makeup-less face haha!

Instead, I thought I post a couple of photos from Saturday night. I haven't been out in quite a while, so a few of my girlies and I decided to go for a few drinks and a dance. It was such a good night!

I wore my new pink lace Topshop dress, with a studded Primark bag, and some amazing new boots - I'm going to do a post tomorrow to show you these!
My friend's top, bag and bracelet are from New Look.

Sorry it's just a quickie post tonight... promise to blog more through the week!