Dress: H&M
Cardigan: New Look
Scarf: New Look
Tights: New Look

Feeling a bit sick today. I haven't actually found the time to eat anything properly yet, I've only had a little 2 finger Kit Kat and some strawberry laces (very healthy!)
I have however found the time to miss two buses and finally catch one into town, just to go and see a couple of friends at my old work. I can safely say that winter is officially here! I was freezing, so from now on I'm dragging out my hats and scarves... not so much a glove person though.

I love this dress, I actually bought two with slightly different patterns last week. I love the fitted top part with the loose skirt, and I think the sketchy safety pin design is really cute. Can't go wrong with a bit of black and white either.
This cardigan is new too. I bought it in my big New Look haul, but had to get a size smaller than I usually would because it was the last one. I keep getting complimented on it aswell... people say it looks expensive, personally I think it looks like something you'd find in Topshop.

Got quite a lot of things planned for the next few weeks, nothing overly exciting, just meals out with various people - but I love to eat, so it's all good!
If you see any nice dresses for me to wear, let me know :)