I was a big fan of this year's Big Brother, so I thought I would do a little blog post about the entrance and eviction outfits worn by my favourite girls from this year.
First up, Louise, who would look amazing in absolutely anything to be honest! Her entrance outfit caught my eye straight away, it is definitely an outfit I would wear, it's cute and quirky. I believe the top and skirt are actually from H&M (but don't quote me on that!)
Her eviction outfit disappointed me, and I had really high hopes for it, after loving pretty much everything she wore in the house. I didn't think it suited her style at all, and came across as a little bit try hard'. Too frilly and over the top - like a bad wedding dress. I also have to say I preferred her hair without the fringe. Still though, she looked stunning.
Faye was my favourite girl in this year's house. I'm not the biggest fan of her style, but I think what she wears works really well for her - lets face it, she has the figure for it! All of her dresses from the entrance, her eviction and the final were from Quontum who have some amazing items on their website. Faye's outfit which she wore for the finale night was my favourite, it was a mixture of the two dresses above, with the coloured straps on the back. I thought this was gorgeous on her!
Maisy wore some great clothes in the house, especially her Motel jeans, which everyone now wants! She has also worn some great blazer and hat combo's since her eviction. I loved her leather dress she wore to enter the house, teamed with her big blonde hair and red lips - she looked fab. I didn't like her eviction outfit as much though, it was still nice, I just didn't think it was very 'Maisy'... I think she suits the edgy side of fashion better.
Alex is a real life Barbie girl, if you watched Big Brother, you will know she lives for fake tan, bleached extensions and the colour pink. It's fair to say, nothing will change that, but I do think she left Big Brother looking alot better than when she went in. Her new hair looks so much nicer (although I wish she would ditch the extensions!) and her dress, which was actually the dress she wore to her prom, showed off her amazing figure.
Last up, doesn't Faye look amazing here?! This was from the Big Brother wrap party. Yes, having the gorgeous Aaron on her arm helps, but her dress is beautiful! Does anyone know where it's from? I need it!!

All photos taken from google image search.