I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted on here. My internet has been down, so I haven't had chance to get on here, and then for some reason something's gone wrong with my camera, and I can't get my photos to transfer to my laptop. So if anyone knows much about Canon cameras, or Macbook's... please help!

I've cheated with today's photo... I'm suffering from a sore throat/flu/cold kind of thing, and my skin is really suffering for it, so I thought I'd use a picture from last week instead. I think that's a good enough excuse.

I'm going to the opening of the new Illamasqua store in Leeds on Thursday, so I'll be seeing some of my favourite bloggers and hopefully meeting some new people too... really can't wait! Let me know if you're coming!

I'm going to go and catch up with all of your blogs now xx