Nars Blush - Orgasm // He-Shi Bronzer // Calvin Klein - Shock

Similar to a monthly/current favourites blog post, but rather than repeating myself, I thought I would just show you some of my newly discovered products.

First up, not very new to a lot of people, Nars Orgasm. Massively talked about, and lusted over... I've always been one to buy the dupes, less money for a similar item. Then I was lucky enough to win this in Jude's blog giveaway! Described on the website as 'peachy pink with shimmer' it sounds perfect... and in reality, it is! This is my go-to blusher, and I will never again use a cheap imitation in place of this. It's stunning on the skin, and totally worth investing in, I will 100% repurchase this.

Next, the Hi-Shi Fusion Multi Bronzer. This is a gorgeous matte bronzer, which I use sometimes as a contour or a blush, and also to add some colour to my face when I've used fake tan. I love how it has so many shades of bronzer within the product, this makes it very easy to blend, and really natural looking. Hi-Shi is a new brand to me, but after trying this, I'm definitely wanting to look into giving their fake tan a go!

Last up, Calvin Klein Shock. I initially smelled this when I was cornered and sprayed in a department store, and I was pleasantly surprised, then I was given it as a birthday present. I'm not a fan of the packaging, or the advertising campaign which was used for this fragrance, it looked cheap, young and a little tacky to me... but it just goes to show that you shouldn't judge. It is described as 'a juicy, flavourful floriental that warms into a sexy skin musk'.
It's quite a fresh, fruity smell, I've been using it as my daytime fragrance since my Illamasqua Freak sample ran out, and I've had a lot of compliments. The only bad thing about this, is that after a couple of hours, I can't smell it on myself, and have to re-apply, but that's not really a problem.