I had a bit of a nightmare last week. I ordered myself a gorgeous new dress from Lavish Alice, especially for my best friend’s engagement party. I was so relieved when the package arrived on the day, I came straight home from work, ripped it open, and went to put the dress on so that I could admire it in all it’s beauty. Then the dreaded moment happened… it didn’t fit!
An hour until I had to leave, and nothing to wear!

After a fanatic ten minutes of throwing clothes allover my room, I decided to wear this dress from AX Paris. I bought it in the summer for a birthday party, and really liked it on. I really like these balloon like sleeves (I don’t know if that’s what they’re actually called) because they’re so simple, yet effective and don’t have the tacky fake jewels all around the cuffs like the ones which were in the shops last Christmas. Plus, I love a good bodycon dress, holds me in, in all the right places!

I kept my outfit simple, teaming the dress up with a spike necklace from Internacionale (forgot to take photos with the necklace on... it's the same as the one I wore here but gunmetal colour), a big statement Topshop ring, big wedges and bright lipstick.

I'm thinking of selling this dress, I only tend to wear things once and then they get forgotten, seeing as though I've worn it twice, I don't mind passing it on. Its in perfect condition, size 10... leave a comment if you're interested xx