I know I promised a day in the life type blog post documenting my trip to Manchester this weekend... well, I'm sorry, but I failed in really taking any photos. My whole time there was a bit of a rush really and my phone battery died on the train, so I couldn't even snap any quick pictures as I was rushing around.

I still want to dedicate a post to the reason I was in Manchester, and that was to see my favourite singer Laura White perform at The Lowry Theatre. You might remember Laura from X Factor... I've been a huge fan of her voice ever since, and Saturday night saw her perform a 'one night only' show of her new material which will be on her album, released later this year.

The music was amazing, and Laura looked stunning. I know this is a fashion blog, so I thought I would show you some photos of her amazing outfits, designed and made especially for Laura's show, by Spencer Lammy.

You can follow Laura on Twitter @misslaurawhite1

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