I've spent way too much money this week, I've eaten out twice (once at the best steak place in the world... I got my steak on a hot stone and cooked it to perfection myself mmmmm!), I've shopped online and in town, and later today I'm going to the Metro Center

I'm on the hunt for a new bag, but don't want to spend too much. There's no point in me saving for a designer bag because I change my mind too often, I'd be bored of it in a month's time! I've seen a nice duck egg blue coloured one in Topshop, but I don't know whether to go for a safe brown or black one instead. I need to exchange some bits I bought in Primark yesterday, have their sizes got smaller, or have I got bigger?! Definitely going to make sure I stop for a pretzel or two though - they're the best thing about the Metro!

I should be back to proper blogging by tomorrow, I know I've been posting every day, but I haven't been using my own photos because I haven't had access to my camera. I get it back tomorrow though, so I'll be showing you all what I've been buying.

I haven't installed the new 'reply' comment system on here yet, and can't decide whether to or not. I've had problems commenting on anyone's posts who have it, not sure why, but I don't want anyone not to be able to comment on here. I'm a bit gutted, because I was excited at the aspect of being able to reply to you all. Instead, if you want to ask me any questions regarding my blog, just Tweet me or send a question on Formspring.
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