My thoughts on the outfits worn at the People's Choice Awards 2012.

The Best
Vanessa Hudgens - sheer, delicate yet classy. She looks beautiful, especially with her hair back away from her face, this goes to show that simplicity is key when you want to show off the dress.

Lea Michelle - a bit risky, but I think it works as the dress is so unique but very pretty. I love the colour pop of bright pink lipstick too.
Miley Cyrus - I would much prefer this without the coloured ruffles at the bottom, but from the front it's not too bad. (I don't like the view from the back though, the ruffles look weird!) She does look gorgeous though, the low cut v neck keeps the dress modern, while the sheer panel keeps it subtle.

Kristen Bell - This is actually a top and skirt! On first glance, I thought it was a dress. Nevertheless, I really like this. I'm glad it looks like one piece though, as I would hate the skirt on it's own.
Ashley Benson - I love this dress, the shape and cut of it are perfect! I also love her hair, makeup and bag. The only downside is the belt (or waistband) of the dress, which I'm not keen on.

Lucy Hale - this is gorgeous! I love the crazy cut and shapes in this dress, you can't go wrong with black sequins, and she looks super pretty. I just wish she had worn bright shoes... coral or pink would have looked great!
Kelly Cuoco - Really, really pretty... slightly wedding dressy, but still lovely!

Shay Mitchell - Not the ideal red carpet dress, but I do really like this. Plus is totally suits her and makes her figure look fabulous.
Elisha Cuthbert - one of my favourite outfits from the event. I love the floaty maxi skirt which completely contrasts with the gold metallic body of the dress - this really works!

Demi Lavato - so pretty! I love the colour of this dress, she looks amazing!

The Rest

Ashley Greene - a bit too gothic looking, with the black dress and the dark hair. I also don't think the leather is flattering at all, and the cut of the skirt is bizarre... it's like a rara skirt from about ten years ago, and I really don't think they're coming back around!

Chloe Moretz - this looks more like a 12 year olds party dress than a red carpet dress. The belt is awful, and because her hair and makeup are so plain and simple the dress doesn't look anymore special... shame.
Emma Stone - Although she looks really pretty, I don't think this is the correct outfit for the occasion. I think she would have looked 100 times better in a pretty dress.

Julianne Hough - I bet from the front, this looks stunning. The back is too much though... a simple v cut into the back would have looked great. It just makes her look cheap and tacky. (Her hair and makeup are amazing though).

Jennifer Lawrence - I get that this is a kind of love/hate thing here, but I'm really not a fan. Maybe if the blue was ontop of a black silk fabric, but mesh?! Noooo!

Demi Lovato - This just makes her look so much older than she is. I really like the colour on her, but the shape of the dress, and the lace edging is terrible for her.  Why oh why did she change out of her other dress?!

What did you think of the outfits?
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