When I was given this mascara for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I have used YSL cosmetics in the past, including a mascara, which I loved, but with this being the new thing, I had high expectations for it.

I featured this in my Christmas presents post, and a few people asked for reviews on it. Although I'm not a frequent beauty blogger, I like to include a little bit of beauty alongside the fashion, and I’ve been using this mascara on a daily basis since I received it, so I thought I would share my views with you.

My initial thoughts were that firstly, I love the packaging. Classic YSL, simple yet stunning and high quality, with the opposing ‘Shocking’ written roughly, almost like graffiti across the tube, making it very different from any other mascara’s I’ve seen.

When I opened the mascara, I was very pleased to see a thick brush, with very dense bristles (I hate when you get a mascara brush with the bristles all really spread out!)
I found that the brush is always fully loaded with product too, there is so need to dip the brush in and out of the tube, infect, I find myself taking a bit of the product off the brush at first!

When applying the first thing I noticed, is that the mascara is very wet. I’ve had a few mishaps with blinking and ending up with an eyelid covered in mascara! It is easy to get used to however, and I no longer worry about this. The brush really opens up my lashes, and spreads them wide apart.
One coat of this mascara is definitely sufficient for daytime, and only two coats needed for nighttime.

It is very black, and adds volume and length to my lashes. I really love it, and would say it is definitely worth the price tag.

(If you would like to see it on, I am wearing it in my four blog posts previous to this).
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