Jumper, Blouse (with collar), Leggings, Bracelets: Internacionale

This is one of my favourite outfits to wear for work at the moment. It is the perfect combination of comfy and smart. The jumper is slightly longer at the back, so most of my bum is covered... I'm a firm believer in leggings aren't trousers, but with these patterned ones, I don't think it's as vital.

I really love this jumper, mainly because you can completley change the look of it, simply by changing the top you wear underneath it. It reminds me of something I used to wear in the 90's!

These are the final photos from my little photo shoot from work, they were used for a 'dress to impress' campaign and the photos (along with others from other stores) were sent round to all Internacionale's in an email to show ways to dress for work, hence why I was wearing my work lanyard in the majority of the shots.

I'm having a lazy night in tonight, watching Take Me Out and eating rubbish before an early night... I'm at work tomorrow!
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