If I ever have to leave the house without makeup, the one thing I miss the most, and always try to  make time to do is fill in my eyebrows. It's only something I have been doing for the past year or so, but I am really obsessive about it now, and feel totally naked without!

I really like a dark, big brow. Quite arched and angular. I'm so happy that I didn't partake in the trend of plucking your brows until you only have a tiny thin line left, which many of my friends did when I was in school, and they have trouble growing any brows at all now.

To keep my eyebrows in perfect condition, I pluck them every day. Literally as soon as I see a new hair peeping through, I whip it out. I used to wait until they really needed doing, and were over grown, but I've got into the habit of checking them and keeping on top of them every morning. It's much easier this way. I only let them overgrow now, if I am going to reshape them a little.

I use the most amazing tweezers. I haven't splashed out for Tweezerman, (which I have never used, but do believe are the best) but I use the Elegant Touch Prescision Double Ended Tweezers - which sell for around £3-£5. Don't be put off by their small price point, they really are great. The thick slanted end is very strong and has great grip for plucking hairs, while the pointed end is brilliant for plucking out hairs that are just starting to appear or any ingrown hairs.

I was once told something which always sticks in my head, and that is; 'eyebrows are sisters, not twins.' In other words, they only have to be similar, not identical in shape and size. I always remember this when I'm shaping mine.

My views on the eyebrow kits I use:

I am currently using the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit, in dark, to fill and set my brows. I use a small angled brush with the wax, and draw the outline of my brows first. I do them bit by bit, and swap from left to right brow as I go (I never complete one brow before starting on the next). I then use a rounded brush in the powder and very lightly dust over the wax to set it. The brushes which come in the set are perfectly fine to use, not too small so that they are too fiddly and the actual kit is the perfect size to have in your handbag, for if you're as obsessed with your brows as I am! The tweezers also work perfectly fine. When I initially used this kit, I found it to be very dark for me, and I have to be careful to use a very light hand when applying, just to make sure I don't end up with a Scouse Brow!
I am also a big fan of the ELF brow kit, which works in exactly the same way. I prefer that this kit comes in four shades (ash, light, medium and dark) as opposed to Sleek's two shades (light and dark). I use ELF's medium kit, and it is the perfect colour for me. The packaging is much smaller than Sleek's which obviously has it's pros (smaller to carry about) and con's (less product), but for the amazing price of £3.50 it really is the ideal kit for anyone to use. The kit doesn't come with it's own brushes, but I use the ELF Small Angled Brush which works perfectly.

The first photo below shows my eyebrows done with the ELF Eyebrow kit, and the second photo shows them with the Sleek Eyebrow kit. (Bad lighting in the first photo - apologies). 
I am booked in for HD Brows in a local salon at the end of the month, which I am very much looking forward to! I can't wait to share the results with you all.

(I am not claiming to be an expert... this post has been requested many times)
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