Carrie Underwood
Carrie actually wore my two favourite outfits from the night; her red carpet dress, and her onstage dress. In all honesty, it's hard for her not to look good, but both looks are stunning on her.
I love the sparkle and cut out back on her first outfit, the contrasting bag works really well too. She has got the 'rules' completely right when it comes to staying classy; arms, legs and chest covered, means her back being on display looks beautiful.
Her onstage outfit looks amazing. Personally, fishtail dresses are a favourite of mine anyway, but the black with gold detailing is totally fitting for the event and it shows off her curves perfectly.
 Katy Perry
I hate her blue hair (although it looks kind of okay in the first picture). The crimping does not help! Everyone knows if you're going to crimp, you must either only crimp sections, or tie your hair up. Katy's outfits however, are gorgeous! I love lace, and the blue colour of her red carpet dress, which you would expect to clash with her hair, actually makes her hair look nicer! I really like how the dress is sheer, but not see-through... very pretty.
The gold dress which she wore inside the event is stunning too. I love the detailing around the neck, and how she has chosen to reveal her solders rather than her cleavage, proving that you don't have to flash your  boobs and bum to be sexy (Rihanna!)
I won't mention Katy's performance outfit though - I didn't like it.
Kelly Osbourne
This dress is okay... I like the sequins, and the middle section of the dress, with the layering. It looks really heavy weight and I can imagine it feels amazing to wear. In honesty, I included this outfit to the list because I didn't think a best dressed list of 2 celebrities really made sense... this was the best of the rest!

(Sorry this post is a little late.)

Photos from Look & Daily Mail
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