Blouse: Internacionale // Skirt: New Look // Belt: New Look // Tights: Topshop

This is my favourite outfit at the moment, although I've mainly worn it with black tights... I liked the burgundy ones until I looked back on these photos! I think they're a bit too bright for me, but they were only £1 in the Topshop sale, so I can't moan.

The blouse was another one of those 'must have' items as soon as I set eyes on it. I've had a lot of those moments lately, which maybe explains my bank balance! It reminds me of the Motel leopard print dresses from last year. I love the collar too (I love anything with a collar, I know!) I'm definitely going to be wearing this under jumpers with the collar out... I can picture the outfits already. I love when I get excited about an item of clothing, it makes me feel less guilty for buying!

Another hi lo hem/dipped hem/asymmetric skirt, after wearing the dress, I couldn't resist buying this one too. I added the studded belt for a bit of a harder edge to the floaty skirt, and planned on it pulling me in a bit, but even on the smallest hole it's a little bit big.

These pictures were taken the first time I used my Sleek eyebrow kit. I was worried my brows looked a little too thick and dark compared to when I used the ELF kit, but I don't think they look too bad in the pictures... what do you think?
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