So the snow finally arrived, and pretty much disappeared again. In the short time we had it up North, I managed to almost fall over about five times and get my car stuck, so I'm kind of glad it's on it's way! The only time I like snow is when I don't actually have to go anywhere and I can sit inside in the warm, or make snowmen.

This is my first blog post from my new laptop, with the new version of Photo Booth... better quality photos from now on! It's about time I invested in a new one, the old one was breaking bit by bit, and looked about ready to explode.

I've seen quite a few people blogging about a 50% off Glossybox code... I'm thinking about signing up again for half price. I cancelled my subscription just before Christmas because I thought I could use the £10  towards something better, that I really wanted each month. I do love receiving the parcels and not knowing what's in them though... very tempted!

I went out for tea with my friend tonight, one of our local bars does food for £1 on a Monday - love a bargain! Now I'm back, I'm going to have a cosy night in watching YouTube videos. I set up my own account today, which you can subscribe to here... obviously nothing on it yet though! Please recommend me some channels to watch when I get in.
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