So sorry for this week's mugshot - I am such a cheater! I've not really done anything today, so I've hardly got any makeup on, and my hairs pulled back in a complete mess. Today is definitely not a photo opportunity for me, so I had to fake a picture... I do love the photo of me and my little girl though, so hopefully you'll let me off for one week!

My boyfriend decided to give a donation to a children's charity in India, to buy ten pairs of shoes instead of buying me flowers or chocolates for Valentines... such a good idea! We will now be able to eat our meal, while feeling like we've done a good deed.
We're going to a seafood restaurant in Whitby, which I have only been to once before, but I loved it, so I am very excited!

I got a new car today, which I'm so happy about. I've had a banger for the last couple of years, so to have a shiny new one is great! I'll show you a photo of it in next week's 'week in photos'.

I've got a post scheduled for tomorrow night, as I will be out. I've still managed to post every day this year so far! Hope whoever else is going out tomorrow night has a lovely Valentines!

I've become a total YouTube addict since last week... feel free to suggest some channels for me to follow, and follow my channel, incase I ever brave it and make a video!
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