Oops this post was scheduled, and I forgot, so it was posted a bit earlier than it should have been! 
Anyway... Guess what I've been doing tonight? Yep, I went to the pub for food with my friends! I clearly think about food too much!

We took Elodie for her first haircut today! I've been putting it off because I was worried they were going to mess it up, but she now has a cute little fringe... So grown up! 
I've also been on the hunt for some of the MUA Love Hearts nail varnishes but can't seem to track any down. It said on the Superdrug website that they had them in one of my local stores, but they didn't. I'm also wanting one of the Sleek blush palettes, but I can't get those either! Sometimes it's a real nightmare where I live! 

Sorry for the late post anyway! I've scheduled an outfit for tomorrow while I'm at work, and that one is all complete and ready for you to read. 
No more blogging errors from me!
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