I've found some lovely little bits in the shops lately.
Compared to how much I used to spend in New Look when I worked there, I hardly ever buy anything from there now. I popped in to see some of my friends in my old store last week, and treated myself to a few bits...
Lilac skinnies // Stripey skinnes // Floral blouse // Colour block bag // Spike bracelet

I've worn the lilac jeans quite a few times already (hence the creases!) and I love them, they've made me want some in the baby pink and powder blue colours too. I didn't think I'd really be into the pastel trend this summer but I think I'm going to be sucked in!
I haven't worn the stripy ones yet, but I loved them as soon as I saw them, and think they'll look great with sheer blouses.
The floral blouse is another thing which I have worn quite a lot already. It's really long, so I can wear it just with leggings, but I've also tucked it into shorts and skirts. My favourite colour is purple, and this has quite a lot of lilac on it... love it!
I love the colours on the bag, and because it was only £14.99 I randomly bought it, and I've used it every day since. I'm not one to lust after Mulberry's or any other designer handbag, because I change my mind too often. I literally change my handbag every month, so I'd much rather buy lots of cheap bags than save for an expensive one.
The spike bracelet was a present from my friend. I really like it... it's so unlike anything else I own. It's quite edgy for me, but I think I'm going to team it with really pretty, girly things, just to mix things up a bit.

I also made sure I went to Primark for a good look around, and of course, I found some must have items!
As soon as I set eyes on the leopard print skater dress, I grabbed it. It was only £10, and I know I'll get a tonne of wear out of it. I'm going to put jumpers on top so just the skirt is on show, and wear blouses underneath... lot's of ideas for this one!
The two sheer blouses were an obvious choice for me. Pretty much every time I go to Primark, I come out with a blouse or two. They're my favourite things to wear, and they're cheap! Love the bow round the neck on the bird print one.
I bought the cardigan because it reminded me of the Topshop alphabet cardi which I really wanted, but never bought. I was watching a few on eBay but they were selling for too much money, which meant the Primark version was a must-have! It's a lot shorter than the Topshop one, but for less then half the price, I don't care!
Last up, the necklace was in the sale for £2, and I thought it was cute.

Have you bought anything nice this week?
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