I love a good try on in Topshop. I never buy from there without trying on first, even if I'm ordering online, I try to get into a store to try on, just so I know the sizes are right, and that I actually like whatever it is I'm going to buy.

I've got a girly night out planned for the second week in March, so I decided to try a few dresses on at the weekend. All of the dresses I liked were from the concessions section, so they were quite pricey!

First was the bird print, wrap over dress. I love the colours, and the print, and it fitted me perfectly. The only thing I wasn't happy with was how low cut it is! I would have to wear a vest top of some kind underneath it, and I think it would spoil the dress... so that was no good.

The second dress, I love! I'm very tempted to buy this one. The spots on the top half are actually metal discs, which I think is quite quirky... I'm just not 100% sure about no sleeves. I'm much more comfortable with sleeves... It's a maybe!

The third outfit is a playsuit, which I originally saw online, and specifically looked for in the shop. It is very small fitting, so would probably go up a size, but I do really like it. I also know that if I bought this, I would wear it again and again. I like the brown belt, and the gorgeous lace detailing... definitely considering buying this.

Last up, an outfit I just randomly picked up because I loved the shorts so much and had to try them on! Aren't they amazing! They were £39 though, which I think is ridiculous! I'm going to try make my own I think, because I think they're fab. The top is okay... I just grabbed anything to try with the shorts.

Which outfit do you like best?

PS. Sorry about the dirty mirror! LOL at Elodie in the background playing with the tassels on the shorts & sorry that these pictures are dodgy iPhone ones!
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