Getting ready to go for food with my friend (wearing my new New Look blouse) // Crunch - the best chocolate in the world // Breakfast in bed // Trying on a jumper in Topshop - really want this now! // Tried on the most beautiful coat, but it didn't fit me properly at all :( // Greggs bacon bun before work // Another new top score on Temple Run // My new Macbook <3 // Swatch crazy // New lipsticks in beautiful colours - I'll be blogging about these soon!

Got into a bit of a habit of posting these on a Sunday now... I hope you don't mind! I know I'm not a 'lifestyle blogger', but I do like to mix it up a bit, and give a bit of a personal touch to my blog every so often. I know I like that about the blogs that I read.

Sorry if you already follow me on Tumblr... you will have seen all of these photos before. Hopefully I will have Instagram this time next week, so my post should be slightly different!

Also, I'm sorry for the serious amount of food porn in this week's roundup! I must eat too much, considering I've been out for food three times and not actually photographed it.
I promise next week's 'week' will be much more interesting!
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