Dress: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Internacionale // Socks: Primark // Jewellery: Topshop & New Look

This is what I wore to go out on Saturday night. I had bought a new dress from Primark to wear, but the zip wouldn't go up the back! Either I'm getting bigger, or their clothes are shrinking... please tell me you have sizing issues in there too?! 

I wore my new Mac Niki Minaj lippie too, which I am in love with!! Thanks  to Ray & Laura for convincing me to buy it when we were in Leeds for the Illamasqua event!

This week also saw the end to my blogging every day... I did manage two solid months though, which I am quite proud of! I haven't had the laptop because my boyfriend has taken it to uni, I still havn't got my proper camera, which results in lack of decent photos, and then Elodie manged to snap my internet dongle - nightmare!

I've got so many posts planned... it's just a case of when I'll manage to do it! Please stick with me... I'm still on Twitter & Tumblr, and hopefully I'll be back here soon!
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