I have been using Mac Studio Sculpt for approximately 2 years now. When I originally went to the Mac makeup counter and bought this, I was really happy with my purchase; it's excellent for full coverage, and very moisturising. Perfect for my dry skin, which is prone to breakouts. After using it for so long, and now that I'm coming to the end of my current tube, I've started to think that it's time for a change. I actually find it feels quite heavy on my skin, especially during the warmer months, and I also think (although I use NW15), it looks quite yellow toned on my skin.

I decided to speak to an MUA at my local Estee Lauder counter, mainly because I know they're very willing to give out foundation samples. I thought it made more sense to get a few samples, rather than splashing out on a new foundation that might not do what I want it to do.
It was a very nice lady who helped me, she listened to everything I had to say about my skin, and what I was looking for, and suggested I try Double Wear foundation. I have read on quite a few blogs that this is usually better for oily/normal skin, so I was a little dubious.

The MUA colour matched me using a plastic colour chart, then tried a few different shades on my jaw line. I ended up coming away with two samples; Ecru and Pale Almond. She initially thought I would suit Pale Almond the best, as my skin is very pink toned, but after trying it on my skin, she thought I may be better with Ecru, as I am very pale. 

I've used each of these a couple of times, and I am yet to make a decision... I'm going to make sure I use up all of the sample product before deciding whether to buy one, or to try another brand first.
I haven't really had any problems with the foundation on my dry skin (although I do always use a primer before applying foundation), the coverage is good and it is much lighter on the skin than Studio Sculpt (as you can tell my the second photo, Studio Sculpt is much thicker than Double Wear). I just think I might need to mix the two shades to get my perfect match, as you can see by the swatches, Ecru is very very similar to NW15, and Pale Almond is much darker... only problem being, at £26.50 for 30ml, I can't really afford to buy two bottles of Double Wear! 

I would love to hear your opinions on these foundations, especially if you use them yourself.
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