Pixi Beauty Magic Tink Tint & Energy Blush: Pick Me Up Pink

This blush is an old favourite of mine, that I  recently rediscovered when Pixi kindly sent me the Magic Tink Tint from their latest collection. They make the perfect pretty pink combination for my pale complexion. 

The blush is 2/3 blusher and 1/3 highlighter, which I think is an amazing idea... why not have two products in one?! The highlighter is a pearly light pink shade and the blush is a brighter pink with gold undertones, which together give off a very bright and fresh looking natural glow. 
Pixi blushes contain Vitamin E; which nourishes the skin & delays ageing process, Silica; a skin conditioning and softening ingredient, Carnauba Wax; which prevents the powder from looking cakey on the skin (a pet hate of mine!) and  Titanium Dioxide; a natural mineral with SPF factor... so really you could say that these blushes are a bit of a necessity!

The Magic Tink Tint is from the new collection, all of which is themed with cute and quirky images of Tinkerbell. It is a beautifully soft tinted lip balm, which adjusts to each individuals lips to give you your own unique shade of pink. On myself, you can see that it is very natural, yet pigmented with a bright, shiny pink... perfect for every day wear.

I definitely want to try more from Pixi Beauty! If you would like to, check out their website or check out the Tinkerbell Collection on ASOS.

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