I bought these two products from my local Bodycare the other day. I had seen them on Hollie's blog and decided to go on the hunt for them. I really love dewy, radiant and highlighted skin at the moment, so these products are right up my street! 

My initial thoughts about the products were how much they look like Benefit products! High Beam & That Gal, anyone?! I actually own both of these Benefit products, so I will definitely be doing a comparison test, for the prices, if these Technic products are anything like the Benefit ones, they're a total bargain!

High Lights packaging is very simple (and exactly the same as High Beam), and not dissimilar to a nail varnish, the applicator is a small brush. The product itself is a pearly, pretty pink colour , when swatched or applied to the skin it becomes very sheer yet very reflective, and catches the light beautifully.
A small amount of this goes a long way, looks gorgeous on the cheek bone and brow bone. I'm going to use this on my next night out and will be sure to let you know how I get on with it.

Prime It's packaging has obviously inspired by That Gal, but isn't identical. I actually prefer the dispenser on this (the pump) to the Benefit one, this seems much more hygienic, and it's easier to control how much product you use. The product is quite thick, and you need quite a lot for the entire face because it sets quite quickly when applied. It is a really nice consistency and gives a lovely illuminating effect to the skin. I used this today for the first time, and had no problems with my makeup, on initial first impressions, I'm really happy with this. 

The second photo shows the products lightly swatched, and the third shows the products almost completely blended out, in natural lighting. I'm really impressed with how much they both catch the light - so pretty! (Sorry about the chipped polish in the pictures though - oops!)

If you live near a Bodycare store, I would definitely recommend picking up these products. While you're there, they do have quite a large selection of Technic products, so see if you can spot anything else that looks like it's worth a try!
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