My camera has gone *missing* I'm not entirely sure if has been stolen or if I have just misplaced it... I really hope I find it soon, I'm a bit heartbroken without it! So for now, until I find it (fingers crossed), I won't be able to post any outfit photos. I only have access to a small digi camera, with no timer, so I'll still be blogging, just without the outfits.

On a happier note, I've been to Topshop! This is what I bought...
The scarf blouse sold out online, and I was lucky enough to find it in my size in the last chance section of the shop. I love the colours on it, and I've already teamed it up with my Primark pleated leather skirt. Scarf prints are very 'in' at the moment... I didn't initially like them, as I've seen a lot of turquoise and dodgy yellow/gold kinda coloured prints, but this one is much more my kind of thing!
The grey vest is just from their basics range, and I'm sure I'm going to get loads of use out of this. It's prefect for every day wear. I love how the back is longer than the front, it's perfect for wearing with leggings.
I'm such a sucker for Topshop jewellery. I usually only let myself buy things out of the sale, but I loved the bracelet and I've wanted one for quite a while now, so I decided to treat myself!
I've been wearing it pretty much on a daily basis since I bought it.
I'm always drawn to the Topshop makeup when I'm in the shop, I think it's because I love the packaging almost as much as I love the products. I've only ever tried the cream blushes and the lipsticks, both of which I really, really like. They're great value for money, especially the blushes!
I picked up the 'Head Over Heels' blush, which I have read amazing things about so many times. I've also heard that they're discontinuing it (don't quote me on that), but I thought I better grab myself one before it was too late.
The lipstick (I think), is quite new to the range, it's called 'All About Me'. It's a gorgeous pinky red, my perfect colour for nights out.

Sorry about the quality of these photos, the camera I am being forced to use is very old. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

Have you bought anything nice from Toppers lately? Or would you recommend any of the makeup?

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