Last week saw the grand opening of the newest Internacionale store, in Meadowhall, Sheffield.
I was asked to cover the event for my blog, but I was unwell and couldn't attend (gutted). When I was sent photos of the store, I still wanted to share them with you all, because I think it looks absolutely amazing!

For those of you who don't know, Internacionale has recently been bought out and re-branded... what was once a quite unknown shop is now a vastly growing business, with over 140 stores nationwide. The stock is all on trend, high quality and really affordable. 

Rumour has it that they have the same supplier as Topshop, which isn't hard to believe when you see the stock, some of the clothes and accessories are pretty much identical to ones I have seen in Topshop, at less than half the price! You can see the scallop vest tops in the fifth picture, which are only £6.99!

The Sheffield store was opened by Jessica Jane Clement from The Real Hustle/I'm A Celebrity, which drew in hundreds of people. From the few photos I have included, you can see that the layout of the store in great, and the stock looks brilliant. The whole look reminds me a bit of a New Look store, very modern and bright. 

I wear Internacionale clothing all of the time, partly because I work there, but mainly because I love it, and I'm always gushing about my new purchases to my friends! You can see some of my outfits here.

I'm really excited to visit the store next time I'm in Sheffield, especially for the shoes! Don't they look amazing?!! If you're ever in Internacionale, don't forget to check out the Sophie children's range too, which I can sometimes fit into (ages 14-15!) and the Beauty UK stands.

Have you been lucky enough to visit this store yet? 
What did you buy?!

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