I can't believe I thought yesterday was Sunday... it's these bank holidays and extra long weekends that throw me! I scheduled this post for today by accident, but thought I'd post it anyway.
After missing last week's Monday Mugshot post, in favour of a wishlist, nobody really wanted to see the back of these posts, so I have decided to alternate them. Hopefully that way I will get the perfect balance.

I've had quite a busy week, as you probably saw in my week in photos post on Sunday, I have been to Nandos twice, to the Benefit bloggers event, and I went out on Saturday night with my friends.

I've bought some lovely things over the past week too, so I have lots to blog about! I'm going to try and get quite a few posts scheduled because I'm going on holiday with Elodie and my boyfriend for a few days on either Thursday or Friday. We're not entirely sure where we're going yet, just somewhere with fun things to do. It will be Elodie's first holiday, so I'm really looking forward to it! If you know of anywhere good, let me know!

I have just joined Bloggers.com and you can follow me here.
I still have lots of bits left in my blog sale too.

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