As I mentioned in my blog post about the Benefit event in Middlesbrough, I was given a full eyebrow treatment and makeover. 

First up, Leanne spoke to me about eyebrow mapping, which is basically how to work out the correct eyebrow shape for your own face. The shape of your brows can totally change how your face looks, and by getting it just right, you can make your face look much slimmer. 

My brows arch in the correct place, and  are only a few hairs shorter (on the outsides) than they ideally should be, and only slightly further apart. I'm going to keep this in mind, and try grow them out a little more to create the correct shape.

I then had my eyebrows tinted with a semi permanent dye. Initially they were dyed dark brown, but I decided to go even darker, so Leanne dyed them black! I was really happy I decided to go darker, because I love big, defined brows. 
The picture below shows my eyebrows with no makeup on, this was just after they had been tinted.
The next step was the waxing. I've never had my eyebrows waxed before, but I was pleasantly surprised... it didn't hurt at all! Michelle cut the hairs to be waxed first, so they were short and neat, then the wax was applied above, between and underneath my brows to create a more defined shape. It was a really quick process, and only took about 3 minutes. Michelles finished off my plucking any tiny hairs that had been missed by the wax, and applied an oil to treat my skin. Because it was my first time being waxed, I was expecting to be quite sore, but I only had a tiny bit of redness and no spots! Result!

The final part of the process was having my brows filled in by Rita. She used the Benefit Brow Zings kit... which, if you haven't tried before, is AMAZING! They were drawn on quite angular and square (at my request) with the wax, and then set with the powder, using the Medium shade. 

I'm so happy with how they look, and have received lots of compliments! The first two photos show the completed look. 

If you have a Benefit Brow Bar near you, I  definitely recommend you go and give it a go! You can find your nearest brow bar on this page.
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