Last week I finally visited the new Internacionale store in Meadowhall, Sheffield. After a good look round, I had a big trying on session... these were my favourite pieces.
Bright coral waffle style jumper. I love, love, love this colour! The colour was the first thing that caught my eye, but when I picked it up, it is something I've been looking for, for a while. I love Summer knits, lightweight, bright and easy to wear through the warmer months. This is perfect. The sleeves fold up to just below the elbows and look really cute, and the wide round neck means I'll be able to wear this with a shirt underneath so the collar peeps out. Needless to say, I bought this!
Baby blue waffle style jumper. This is the exact same jumper as the one above, but in a baby blue/minty green colour. I had to have this one as well, just because they're going to be so versatile over the coming months. 
I'm also wearing my Miss Guided spotty jeans in these pictures. Aren't they cute?!! I love pretty much everything on their site at the moment!
Bow detail stripe vest. This is such a cute vest, I really like pink and navy together, it looks so pretty. This will look fab with denim shorts on hot days, and the little bows just add an extra pinch of cuteness.
Floral skinny jeans. These were the first thing I picked up in the shop. I had seen some in New Look which were practically identical and hadn't bothered because I didn't 'need' them. When I saw these for cheaper, I grabbed them straight away. Only problem being, I find Internacionale jeans to be quite big fitting, so they were too loose for me. I like my skinnies to be skin tight on my legs, and these were quite baggy... especially after a few wears when denim loosens, I knew they would be no good. Unfortunately, they didn't have any smaller sizes, so they had to go back.
Pastel leopard print dress. I really wish I had bought this. When I tried it on, I liked it, but wasn't 100% sure. I convinced myself that I didn't really need it, because I didn't have anything in mind to wear it to. Now I do, and I'm gutted it's not mine! I think the pastel colours with the thick black, bold print is really cute, and I love the frilly sleeves. If you've seen this in any Internacionale stores in the North East please let me know where!!
I also bought the black maxi skirt which you can see in this photo, it comes with the brown belt and has a slight dipped hem, which is a style I am obsessed with at the moment, so I had to have it. The peach dress in this photo was so cute too, but just too see through, so I didn't include the photo of it on!

Have you been to the new store yet?

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