Benefit They're Real mascara - I received this when I went to the Benefit event last month, and it has since become my most used mascara. I know I spoke about a mascara in last month's favourite's, but I kind of think I prefer this. I am a bit of a mascara junkie though, I believe you can never have too many! This mascara is the blackest black I own, it's glossy too rather than the generic matte black mascaras on the market. The brush is one of a kind, and manages to catch every last tiny lash I have, even ones I didn't know I had! It's the most long wearing mascara I own and does everything it claims to.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation - I have a review planned on this for next week, so all I'll say for now is that it's going to be a good review!

Oilatum Scalp Treatment Shampoo - I have always suffered from quite dry, sensitive skin, and over the past year or so, it has started to affect my scalp. I get very sore on my hairline and parting, and my skin goes very flakey. I've always tried to combat this by exfoliating my face right up into my hairline, but this month I discovered a much better way to treat my problem. I spotted this product when I wasn't really looking for anything in Home Bargains, and as it was only £1.99 I decided to give it a go. I've been using it after shampooing my hair and just using it on my affected areas... it's a miracle worker! Since using it twice a week for the past month, my scalp was instantly improved. I'm SO impressed with this, I'll continue to buy this forever.

Treacle Moon 'That Vanilla Moment' Shower Gel - This was the most random purchase I've made this month. I was just looking to pick up any body wash/shower gel, and this caught my eye. I always tend to buy just whatever is on offer, I don't stick to a certain brand or shop, I just buy it as I need it. I am so glad I found this. I really like vanilla, honey, toffee scents, which is why I chose this and I can safely say I will be buying this on a regular basis from  now on. It smells amazing... literally good enough to eat! The smell lingers on my skin after I've showered too, which is always a bonus. 

Mac Creme Cup lipstick - This was my first ever Mac lipstick. I stopped using it when I started being a bit more adventurous with my lipsticks rather than wearing nudes all the time, but I've recently rediscovered it and I've been wearing it pretty much on a daily basis. It really is the perfect every day pinky nude lipstick. It is a cremesheen lipstick, so it's really moisturising and lasts ages on the lips, I would recommend this to anyone.

Crazy Angel Tan - I'm planning on dedicating an entire blog post to this, because I have quite a lot to say, but still wanted to feature it in my favourites post. I used this for the first time recently, and I was seriously impressed. It's really dark, perfect for a night out, and very easy to apply. Keep your eyes peeled for my review over the next week or so.

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