I've never bought any Bourjois nail polish before, but on Thursday I was having a little browse in Boots (always a dangerous move!) and I spotted this little beauty, sparkling on the shelf and it had to be mine!

It's from the Bourjois 1 Second nail polish collection, which I initially thought meant it takes 1 second to dry... not the case, but that's pretty much impossible isn't it?! It actually means it takes 1 second to paint each nail... and it actually does! The brush is fan shaped, and spreads out as wide as needed, adapting to each nail size and shape. It's very clever!
The polish took an average amount of time to dry, and needed two coats to achieve this perfect, flawless pink glitter polish.

It's even more stunning in real life, unfortunately I always find glitter polish is the hardest to photograph, and if you're anything like me, you'll be glad to know it dries with a really smooth finish. I hate when glitter nail varnish dries rough and scratchy!

I couldn't recommend a prettier, sparklier polish, it's beautiful!

Have you tried any of the other polishes from this range?

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