Last week I attended an event held by Chamilia and Newcastle Fashion Week. It was such a busy day, I'm going to separate it into two blog posts. This one (post one) is about the time I spent at Chamilia HQ. I was very surprised to actually find out that they had a place based in Newcastle, maybe it's just me, but I always assume that brands are based in London! I was a little bit proud that they were in the North East!

The building was stunning, a very industrial looking outside, with the inside very modern, but still with the big high ceilings, brick walls, rafters and high windows.
We were taken to a room to have a look at some of the vast array of beads and bracelets that they sell. Chamilia actually have over 500 beads for their bracelets, the collection is never ending...
It was like being in Aladdin's cave, every time I thought I had spotted my favourite bead, I found an even prettier one.

We were super lucky, and were allowed to choose a bracelet and some beads to take home... It was quite a long process, as everyone was totally spoilt for choice! I'm going to do another post about my bracelet too, so you will have to wait and see what I decided on.

We were treated to lots of yummy food; sandwiches, sushi, fresh fruit and these amazing cupcakes (served on jubilee plates!) Mine was chocolate sponge, with chocolate truffle center, buttercream icing and an edible Chamilia bead ontop!
I met some lovely bloggers at the event, all of whom, I had never met before... I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be great, everyone was so friendly, and we all got on so well!
Frankie (who organised the event) brought some London bloggers to Newcastle with her for the day, so it was great to meet them, as well as the other Northern bloggers.

Make sure you go and check out all of their lovely blogs:

The Newcastle bloggers: Sian, Daniella and Carly.

The London bloggers: Sarah, Kit, Adela, Alex and Nathalie.
The packaging for the bracelets is so cute. I love the neon green boxes, and the shape of them; they're very funky yet classy at the same time - perfect for the people who will be buying the bracelets.
I was even surprised to discover that they stock a range aimed at children called 'Miss Chamilia'. I think this is a great idea, and would definitely buy these for Elodie if she was a bit older. How cute are the Mickey and Minnie beads?!

Do you own any Chamilia jewellery?
My other posts will follow in the next few days, so please check back!
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