Dress: H&M

I wish H&M made this dress in my size! 
Anyone who has a young daughter definitely needs to head to H&M for their little one's Summer clothes. I picked up this little dress for Elodie for only £2.99! Bargain!

I was initially drawn to it because of the price, but instantly fell in love with the cute collar and buttons detail. They sell the same dress in about ten other designs too, so I stocked up... all we need now is for the sunny weather to stick around long enough for Elodie to get some wear out of them.
I must have good taste too, because she calls herself 'the princess' every time she wears this particular one... It's so good to know I'm not an embarrassing Mother (yet!)

I'm not going to make a habit out of featuring Elodie on here, I'm a little bit wary about putting her out there on the internet, but when she started copying my poses against the door, I knew I would have to share these pictures with you all.

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