Adding some glam to your life can take you from feeling like an average woman to an extraordinary, glamorous beauty. Just by simply incorporating some new styles into your daily wardrobe can make a woman feel like an entirely new person. Despite what a woman may be feeling on the inside, fashion can enhance a woman’s natural features and give her a totally new, unique and sexy look. A woman should feel like a goddess within her own skin everyday. Fashion is simply a tool that allows a woman to creatively get to that place of feeling fabulous.

However, sometimes what a woman may be feeling on the inside doesn’t always match up to what she may be experiencing physically. Rare diseases such as mesothelioma cancer can truly hinder a woman’s natural ability of feeling beautiful and self confident about herself. Sometimes it is hard to take that extra 15 minutes to get ready in the morning when your spirits are low from your treatment. However, cancer will never win the battle against fashion. Don’t let your disease take over every aspect of your life; you can still be the empowered, sexy and glamorous woman you are despite what you may be experiencing.

You are the creator to your own destiny, so why not look fabulous while doing it? Don’t let anything get in your way of being anything less than the beautiful woman you are. Extenuate your natural frame by wearing clothes that truly accent your best features.

Try a flirty, floral sundress for comfort to give you that stylish youthful look or maybe a vibrant orange blazer with a pair of bangle bracelets to give you a look of sophistication and class. Take out that pair of jeans from the back of your closet you haven’t worn in a while to show off how great your derriere looks or throw on a pair of bold high heels to make your calves stand out in a sexy miniskirt.
There’s nothing quite like going out with your girlfriends for a bite to eat or walking the streets to work not only looking but feelings fabulous within your own skin.

 After you have picked out an outfit that you know will highlight your body type, try dabbling into your jewellery box and throw on some accessories to put your look over the top. A chunky, glittering necklace would look fabulous with a solid dress or shirt. Or maybe putting on a headband or colorful set of bangles with a bohemian loose fitting top would be the perfect piece to make your look complete. Any look with some accessories can spark femininity and allow her to show some creativity.

Even though fashion will not cure a woman’s cancer, it can certainly make her feel better about herself. Instead of thinking about how cancer is making her feel, she can feel beautiful like a red carpet celebrity through her choice of clothing. Her confidence can shine through despite what she may be feeling and to allow her to feel more empowered and beautiful than ever before. Get out there and immerse yourself with fashion!

By Jackie Clark

This is a guest post.
I wanted to share it with you all, as I think cancer is something which affects us all in some way.

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