Have any of you been watching Hart Of Dixie on Really?
As soon as I heard about it, and found out that Rachel Bilson was the star of the show, I made sure I Sky Plussed it... and I'm so glad I did.

I am already obsessed with the programme, even though we're only 5 episodes in, in the UK. I am also obsessed with Rachel's character; Zoe Hart.
I've always loved Rachel, and Zoe is just as loveable as Summer Roberts was on The OC. Not only is she a little cutie, she is super stylish... the most stylish doctor I have ever seen!
I love how she makes shorts work for any occasion, teaming them up with cute blouses and shirts... ahh I just want to be her!

The first two outfits are my favourites that I've seen her wear so far. I love the lace detail shorts in the first picture, and in the second, I just love it all. It's something I would wear myself... you can't go wrong with a shirt and a blazer!

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