It really has been forever since I did a Monday Mugshot post... about 6 weeks I think! Oops!

I've been to work today, but I'm off now until Saturday, and then I'm off for a whole week. I'm praying the nice weather sticks around so I can do lots of nice things. I'll be trying to fit in lots of blogging, watching the football (even though England have no chance!) and celebrating Father's day on Sunday with Elodie & Robbie, although we haven't quite decided what we're going to do yet. I'm also hoping to go and see Westlife again... for the last time :( GUTTED on Friday, I just need to get my hands on some tickets.

It's one of my best friend's 21st birthdays in July, and a few of us need help with ideas for what presents we can get for her... so please help! Anything big or small... what did you get/buy for your friend's 21st?

I hope you've not minded me blogging more than once on some days over the past week or so... I've just had (and still got) so much that I want to write about! 

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