These pieces are only a small handful of the upcoming Primark Autumn/Winter collection.
The following items are the pieces that I will be keeping my eyes peeled for when they are launched in store.

The Blouses: I LOVE Primark blouses and shirts (apart from the strange sizing). I have no doubt that I will be buying the majority of these. I'm really pleased to see that although this is the A/W collection, there are still plenty of sheer fabrics, cut out details and bright colours being used.
With the first two blouses, I really like the placement of the cut out detailing... this is something quite new, and I think because it's subtle, it will be really flattering and quite sexy.
I'm very excited that collars are becoming even more of a statement, I love the beading, the collar tips, the prints and the studs on all of the above.
The last top is unlike anything else I own, which is why I like it so much. I'm a big fan of peplum tops, and I think the colours on this are amazing.
The Knitwear: Surprisingly, not many images of knitwear have been released yet, but I really like both of these jumpers. I think the blue one will look super cute with a white collar, or with the blue cut out shoulder blouse underneath it. And I think the bright cropped jumper will bring a lovely pop of colour to a wintery outfit.
The Bottoms: Printed trousers!! I need these in my wardrobe now!! Especially the black and white ones, they're so cute and would be so versatile. 
I really like the blue and silver for a dressy occasion too, because of the slim leg/peg leg style, they will work so well with high heels and boots.
The Dresses: I cheated a little here, because the first is actually a playsuit. I'm a huge fan of Primark playsuits, and definitely want to add this to the collection. I love the little bow between the boobs, and ditzy heart prints will always be a winner for me. 
The mustard dress is so 'me', the colour, the collar, the cut... I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this when it's released!
The Jackets: Do you recognise the first coat? It's a total copy (and much, much better value version) of the Zara coat that everyone is blogging about/buying/wearing... If you're like me and find Zara too expensive, then this is the perfect option, it's definitely not cheap looking, I actually think it's really smart!
I'm very intrigued by the sleeveless blazer, it looks so smart and quirky, and the pink blazer is something I've been wanting for a while! I actually mentioned it in yesterday's blog post.
The Bags: I'm definitely one of those people who would rather have lots of cheap bags, than one expensive one. so Primark is always a go-to place for me for bags. I really like both of these cute little bags, especially the pink one with the bow - it's very Topshop style! I love the colours and the little handle on the first bag too.

The Jewellery: I'm a lover of chunky jewellery and collars, so no surprises that I love these necklaces. This style of necklace can completely transform a top or a dress (which is why I like them so much), and for Primark prices, they're easily affordable.

The Shoes: Although Primark are probably the last high street store to jump on the 'JC Lita lookalike' bandwagon, I really like these floral boots, I'd wear these with dresses, leggings and trousers!
Dr Martin boots are never something I've really liked, but I'm totally drawn to these because of the colour - they're gorgeous! Not too sure how I would style these though... 
Finally, I don't go out very much, so when I buy shoes for nights out, I only go for cheap ones - these sandals are next on my hit list, I love the gold detailing on black - so classic, they'd pretty much go with anything.

All in all, I don't think Primark ever get it wrong! Autumn/Winter season is definitely my favourite for fashion... I can't wait to get my hands on all of this!!

What will you be looking out for?

Photos from Look magazine
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