I'm sure  everyone else, the same as me, was super excited to hear that the Olsen Twins were designing a new range of clothes... and even more excited to hear that they would be available to buy in the UK at pretty reasonable prices!

I adore the Olsens, and their style, so I've definitely got my eye on the majority of the collection! I am a tiny bit disappointed that the pieces don't reflect their real style... I imagined everything to be darker and grungier, but I still do like a lot of it. 

Above are my favourite items from the collection. I especially love the grey tee, the dip hem maxi skirt (which is also available in pink) and the blazer (which also comes in grey).

Prices start at only £15, which I think is great, especially for a celebrity endorsed brand (major celebrities too!) You can buy the range on Stylistpick.

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