These are currently my most wanted items from Internacionale. 

I've tried the 'Wild' crop top on in store with my dipped hem black maxi dress, and I really want it to wear with that. I'm not one for flashing my stomach, but because I wear the skirt high waisted, they go great together. It reminds me very much of some crop tops I've seen in Topshop lately too (but much cheaper of course!)

The scarf print blouse is something I know I'll get a tonne of wear out of. I love the style and the colours.

I already have the stripe blazer in plain grey, but I've wanted a striped one for so long now! These blazers are really quite thin, jersey material, making them great for warmer weather. I've been wearing my grey one loads over the past couple of weeks, and it's so comfy. I'll probably end up buying the plain black one too.

I had my eye on the hanky hem top when I initially saw it in a peachy/orange colour, but I like this colour even better. With a bit of a tan, I think it will look great with some denim shorts for the Summer.

I've been searching for some turquoise wedges for so long! I've got a black dress that I've been waiting to wear, and a turquoise bag, so all I needed was the shoes. I much prefer wedges to high heels, and I think the open toe makes them that much more perfect... these babies will be mine on payday!

Last up, this ear cuff would be something I'd love to wear for a night out. I don't have my ears pierced, so if my hair is up, or to one side, I usually feel quite bare. This is ideal!

Have you had a look on the Internacionale website recently? There are some lovely things!
They launched a huge sale in store today too.
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