Following on from my blog post about the Chamilia Bloggers Event last month, I wanted to show you more photos from the day, and tell you a little more about what we got up to!

The London bloggers who came up for the event had never been to Newcastle before, so we were treated to a guided tour around the city center by some people who were working for Newcastle Fashion Week. Even though I know Newcastle pretty well, it was still really interesting and we were told things I never knew, and I even saw a few places I'd never seen before. I was especially excited to be shown where the best vintage shops are hidden... definitely heading back next time I'm in town!

Unfortunately, we were caught by the typical North East weather, and it rained on us, then it rained some more! Thankfully, NCL Fashion Week supplied us with some big umbrellas to help keep us dry.

After the tour, we made a quick dash to Barluga for some yummy cocktails... although I was driving so I had to settle for a fresh lemon juice and soda water (which was delicious anyway!)
I think the locals must have done a double take when all of us windswept and soaking wet girls made out way into the VIP area... not how you'd imagine a bunch of bloggers to look!
It was really nice to sit and relax with the other bloggers and the girls from Chamilia and Push PR... everyone was lovely. I have linked everyone's blogs in my previous blog post if you would like to check them out.

My final blog post showing you my new Chamilia bracelets will follow next week.

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