Not sure if I can really get away with calling 3 polishes a 'collection' but I'm going with that...

I really do have too many nail polishes, and I definitely don't need these. When Essie polishes started making their way onto everyone's blogs, I did my very best to avoid reading about them, so I didn't tempt myself into buying any, and I thought I was doing really well. 

Then a few weeks ago, while I was shopping in town, I spotted a new beauty stand in Boots... an Essie one. With all of the amazing colours standing in front of me, I really couldn't help it, I had to buy one.

I went for 'Cute As A Button', I had heard it mentioned on Twitter, and I'm a big fan of coral/pink shades, so I thought it was a good one to start with. 

I have to say, these polishes are well worth the hype they receive, the consistency and quality are both excellent. And even though I do a lot of heavy work with my hands (working in retail and having a little girl), Cute As A Button lasted three days without chipping at all! Impressive stuff!

A week later, I received some vouchers through the post from Boots (to do with my advantage card), and one of the vouchers was for two Essie polishes for £12... how could I resist? I ummed and ahhed for ages over the colours and which to chose, and eventually settled with Lilacism and Lapiz Of Luxury, both of which I love just as much as Cute As A Button.

Next on my hit list are Mint Candy Apple and Absolutley Shore.
Which Essie polishes would you recommend?
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