I've never seen anyone on blogs or YouTube doing one of these posts/videos, but I really think it's a great idea, and I would love it if any of you decided to carry it on. I'm going to dedicate a post to each type of product (for example, this will be my favourite lip products under £5, then the next will be favourite face products, then eye products, then nail products). 
My final post will be my ultimate favourite of each product... I would LOVE to see people do videos of this! I might even be brave and film my own.

In the beauty world, a lot of people live by the rule; 'you get what you pay for', but I don't always think that this is the case. Fair enough, some high end beauty products are better than cheaper versions, but there are always some bargain products out there that surprise you, and are well worth the money, if not more!

I decided to share with you all, my favourite beauty products under £5. These products are affordable, and easily available to anyone... better than talking about a £40 product that not many people would really consider splashing the cash on.

This is the first post in my series of 'Favourite Beauty Products Under £5', and I'm showing you my favourite lipsticks and lip glosses.
Miners Cosmetics - £3.99 These are from the Moisture Effect and Matte Effect collections. 
There are a wide range of colours in each effect, and every single one I have tried are amazingly well pigmented and long lasting on the lips.
My favourite shades are Moisture Effect 'Kiss Me Quick' (bottom swatch) and Matte Effect 'Wonderland' (top swatch). 
17 Mirror Shine - £4.59 These lipsticks are more of a gloss/sheen than a colourful lipstick.
They are really moisturising on the lips, and taste lovely! 
The only shade I have in these lipsticks is Peace, a light coral/pink. It's quite natural on the lips, and really wearable.
Natural Collection from Boots - £1.99 These are the cheapest lipsticks I own, and they really don't disappoint. I have 3 or 4 of these, but this is the only shade I really love.
'Pink Blossom' is a bright red/pink shade, which I think really suits my pale skin tone. This is one of my most worn lipsticks for nights out.
Barry M Lip Paint - £4.49 These lipsticks are probably the most talked about under £5 lip product in the blogging world. Some people love them, some hate them, I'm a bit in the middle. I love the colour selection, and they last all day on my lips. They can be slightly drying though. 
This colour (54) is a bright orange/coral shade, probably the brightest lipstick I own. Unfortunately I'm not brave enough (or tanned enough) to pull this off on it's own, but I do love it when I mix it with pink lipsticks to create a bright coral.
Miners Matte Factor Lip Gloss - £3.99 These are the only lip glosses which have made it into my 'favourites' list, and they are by far my favourite lip glosses ever. Maybe because they're matte, but they're not sticky at all, and the colours are amazing!
These two colours are my favourite's from the entire Matte Factor collection, but I really do love them all.
There's something about having a matte lip, which makes you look so much different... I'm definitely a fan.

Let me know if you continue this 'tag'.
I would love to see your posts/videos!

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